All documentation for ViMbAdmin is on the GitHub Wiki.

Mailing Lists

We have a mailing list for discussion on Google Groups where the developers are also present. This is the best place for installation support and to ask questions about integrating ViMbAdmin with your mail server.

Anyone that installs and maintains an instance of ViMbAdmin is strongly advised to join the announcements mailing list. This is where we will announce new versions, security issues, etc. This list will be very low traffic.

Bugs and Feature Requests

All bugs should be filed on the GitHub Issues page. It is vitally important that you file a detailed bug report with steps on how to reproduce the issue. One line / vague bug reports are likely to be closed without investigation. If you need help tracing a bug, then use the mailing list.

The ideal feature request comes with a code via a pull request. This is the most probable way to get a feature into ViMbAdmin! Feel free to file feature requests as an issue and tag it as such.

Note that we have limited time for scratching other people's itches. We will give all feature requests a fair hearing and due consideration. But, those that we are unlikely to implement pro bono may be closed or moved to a feature request file so as not to clog up the issue tracker. If you're serious about needing a feature implemented, then either code it and open a pull request or contact us for a commercial quote via

Commercial Support

Open Solutions are happy to provide commercial support for ViMbAdmin and mail systems in general (particularly Dovecot and Postfix). We have years of experience of building distributed high volume mail clusters for our customers. Please contact us on for further information.